Do-it-yourself “beauty.”

I checked “to-do’s” off my list yesterday at such a fast and furious rate that all I’ve got on the docket for today are a couple of home “beauty” tasks.

First up, the dying of the hair. Argue as you will, but my motto at this stage of life is “Do not go gently into that head of grey hair.” I don’t care to/can’t quite afford the gorgeous highlighting job I used to get done every other month, so the alternative is a box of Loreal Preference, a nasty old mirror, and the stained utility sink in the laundry room. Voila – I’m back to the uniformly dark brown of my younger years with only 40 minutes’ worth of effort.


Disclaimer: This is not me. But don’t we all wear a black formal dress while coloring our hair?

Next, the home pedicure. A bag of heavenly-scented Epsom salts, a tub of almost-hot water, a good scrub with the pumice stone, a fresh coat of nail polish and we have adequate (if not quite salon-quality) sandle-weather toes.

I’m not due for a reboot on my pink and white salon nails for a few more days, but a quick application of baby oil gel around the cuticles will freshen them up nicely.

And last, I’m undertaking a new adventure – tooth whitening strips. Had my first go last night, sitting around drooling for half an hour while distracting myself with “The Office” on Netflix. We’ll see how that goes…



If this is your first question about using a tooth-whitening product that you yourself have purchased, you might just be better off just painting your teeth with White-Out. 

Why do we do this stuff? As a rabid feminist I can’t help but suspect a culture that diminishes women to their appearance alone.  But as an aging mom who cares how she looks, I still go for it.

Fight the good fight.


3 thoughts on “Do-it-yourself “beauty.”

  1. I also say go for it – these are minor beauty routines. I’d say no to drastic measures, but there’s nothing wrong with looking your best! My first thought about the picture of the woman coloring her hair was how on earth she could do that with nice clothes on! Happy weekend!


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