A quick rundown of a quick overnight run to our son’s college town.

Quick because I left my iPad AND laptop at home and typing on my phone sucks. 

  • Last concert in the top university choir for our boy – it’s a full year commitment and he’ll be too busy student teaching the second half of next year. 
  • We got a call from my stepdad (AKA the husband’s boss) as we pulled onto campus, to say The Husband was needed for work on Monday, though he’d planned on Monday off after working Saturday. Which meant getting up this morning at 4:30 to start the 2 1/2 hour drive to get me home so Husband could then make the hour drive to his job. 
  • Needing to get up super early gave us an excuse to do the inexcusable: leave the concert after our son’s performance in the first half.  Oh, the horror! Really, seriously bad form. But secretly, such a relief. 
  • Rotten night of hotel sleep. More like hotel not-sleep. 
  • Kept a window open for fresh air and woke up with a killer allergy attack.
  • Amused by the story of our boy being awarded a scholarship this past week, announced at a concert he didn’t attend, for which he didn’t apply and which ha has no idea what it’s for. As his oldest sister said last night when I texted her this info, “Well, of course. Who else but my brother has unexpected money thrown at him through no effort of his own?” No joke, the kid is golden. 
  • Note to self: What’s worse than struggling into yoga pants while half a sleep and still slightly damp from the shower? Struggling into yoga pants  BACKWARDS while half a asleep and still damp from the shower.

What a Monday!


6 thoughts on “A quick rundown of a quick overnight run to our son’s college town.

  1. I smiled at your relief leaving the concert… Mine are still young and we’ve only had a few school holiday concerts. Don’t they improve? Please?

    And congrats to your son for whatever it is that he did. Yay scholarship money!

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    • The unfortunate thing is that because he has a full ride, any extra scholarships just offset what he would have gotten anyway. He’s deliberately stopped applying for scholarships so they can go to someone who can benefit from them. We did enjoy the concert a lot – more so because we ducked out early, even though we felt so guilty!

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