Straight talk from Wayne and Garth.

So…on Sunday I had a brief chat with my sister-in-law, during which she related a tale of so much over-the-top high school drama I truly wanted to hurl (“If you gotta spew, spew into this.”). The drama involved her daughter – my niece – and her date for prom. Included in the story were a fake girlfriend, false friends, a broken prom date, and a lie about my niece having mono.

…but it turned out I was just bored.

The mono part is where it gets interesting. My niece’s prom date told his mom that my niece had mono. And THAT, not the rest of the ridiculous, pain in the ass drama, was what my sister-in-law got upset about. She was horrified that a rumor would be started that her daughter had “the kissing disease” as she put it, and would forever have a “reputation.”

Hey, mom! The seventies called, and they want their 40-year-old ideas back!

From the Brady Bunch episode titled “Marsha Gets Mono.”

Not only was my sister-in-law’s reaction over the top (marching her daughter over to the boy’s house and having it out with him and her mother), she’s seriously misinformed. I happened to be hanging out with college students last night, and I confirmed with several people around the age of 20: No one out there today thinks having mono connotes skanky-ness.

Note: Our Oldest had mono a couple of years ago. It was clearly brought on by overwork, too much stress, and too little sleep. I know at least four other kids – and one adult – who have had mono in the last year, and in every case, they were overworked, too stressed, and overtired. Not a skank in the bunch.

I didn’t have time during that brief conversation to disabuse my sister-in-law of her antiquated ideas. Also, she’s not a person to take correction well. I value all my limbs and would like to keep my head intact. Thankfully, she doesn’t even have A gun, let alone enough guns to necessitate a gun rack.

But seriously. Live in the now!!!!


10 thoughts on “Straight talk from Wayne and Garth.

    • Love that phrase “mama drama.” That was something I absolutely would have refused to ever get sucked into…had we had kids who got involved in that kind of crap. Or so I think…I guess we never really know!

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      • Our daughter had a little friend who is actually a good friend of mine but she was ALWAYS in her daughter’s business. Every little insult, my friend went to the school/parent and confronted the situation. The girl is doing fine, but mom is still far too involved. My daughter? She learned to fight her own battles and stand up for herself without my help.

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