Excerpts from a slightly odd Mother’s Day.

I’m sort of getting a rain check on Mother’s Day this year; Oldest arrives in two days for a week-long visit, The Boy comes home for the summer on Friday evening.

So the actual holiday was a bit of a non-event, but still not bad. Here are some of the interesting out-takes:

“If you love your Mommy, stand up!” (Preschool Sunday School teacher leading our youngest class in singing during worship). “I do!” (Enthusiastic and very dear preschool boy, jumping up and raising his hand in the middle of the song – not actually part of the rehearsed song, but he melted every heart in the room.)

“Can I help smash up boxes?” One of the 26 5th and 6th graders who worked like crazy this morning to pack 250 lunches for clients of a local service agency. These kids were so into what they were doing, and so proud to see the culmination of a full year of work – advertising, educating, and raising money for these lunches – I wanted to hug each and every one of them.

“I don’t like Brussels sprouts OR wax beans.” (My mother-in-law’s comment to the server at her retirement home today, where we were “enjoying” a Mother’s Day lunch. Not that she was complaining, she explained. Just wanted everyone to know she didn’t like any of the vegetable choices. Cue eye-roll.)

“I think I got all of the zucchini out of my shoe.” – The Husband, after an incident involving Crocs and grilled veg.

The evening ended with Mexican food for dinner, a variety of my favorite chocolates from The Husband, and a heartwarming and attractive hand-made card/photo album from our Middle.

A slightly odd day, but on the whole quite lovely. Hoping your Mother’s Day was a special one.


6 thoughts on “Excerpts from a slightly odd Mother’s Day.

    • I’m ridiculously excited about the end of the week festivities. So much so that I’m going to have to be very deliberate about making sure all the bases are covered at work before I leave…

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