Dreams coming true.

This week one of those times in a mom’s life when you just sit back and watch in amazement.

I spent last evening reading our son’s pre-teaching final project, outlining his philosophy, sample lesson plans, and overall outline for what he would do with his first full year of teaching secondary vocal music education.

And then I had the pleasure of reading our Middle daughter’s final senior project: her professional website. This project, too, includes philosophy as a teacher of English literature and writing, as well as samples of her work, her students’ work, her resume, and reference letters.

Look out, world. Because here we have two perfect examples of what education can be. Not just youthful idealism, mind you, but two excellent minds; two driven young adults who will use their academic brilliance and social conscience to create positive change.


Tomorrow their older sister flies in, taking a week off from her doctoral work on the east coast. By this weekend, when all three are together to celebrate Middle’s graduation, the collective brilliance under this roof will be mind-blowing.

All our children are fulfilling their dreams. Observing that phenomenon makes me in expressibly proud.

But what I’ll love most is just having all three of them around me. The singing, the playing, the joking, the intense conversations, the inside-the-family references.

That’s my dream, just about to come true.


13 thoughts on “Dreams coming true.

  1. Congratulations to your children on their achievements! Such a beautiful moment – and moments – to share with them. Thank you for sharing it with us. My 6-year-old is finally starting to figure out reading and posts like this let my imagination as to her future wander a bit 🙂

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    • That “reading lightbulb” being turned on is such an exciting thing to watch – I miss those days! You have so many more proud parent moments ahead. It’s a joy every step of the way. 🙂
      And…I just accidentally deleted your comment on my “Shenanigans” post – I HATE it when that happened. I wanted to reply that it’s been an awesome week of time with my family, and that the week was excellent fodder for post-writing. So much to share when I return…

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      • Glad you had a good week with family – I look forward to reading about it.

        And yes – the lightbulb moment is very exciting – and a relief if I’m being honest. – As in “oh good, she’s finally getting it. It really just is a “she’s learning in her own time”” and nothing more serious.

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  2. Congratulations all around! Times like these, when you see your kids soaring as the wonderful adults they’ve become, are one of the best parts of parenting.


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