Back from the Shenanigans

Actually our Shenanigans ended last week when our darling Oldest flew back to Baltimore. But the week she was home was so full it will take several posts to cover it all – because some pretty big stuff went down.

So, for today, here are a few highlights:

A perfect example of Oldest’s sense of humor. This was her idea of an appetizer one night while the edible portions of the asparagus were cooking on the grill.

Our Summa Cum Laude grad, with University honors. In her first week after graduation she had two interviews and one job offer, with two more interviews already scheduled for this coming week. We couldn’t be prouder!

A last-day lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant.

The Boy, home for the summer, helped me figure out how to display this ink drawing my mom brought me from her recent trip to Ireland. It has the honor of being the first thing I’ve hung on the walls in our freshly redcorated bedroom.

And…not pictured is the fact that we’ve all joined the fanatic fan-dom of the cultural phenomenon that is “Hamilton.” There hasn’t been any other music in the house for the last week, and we ALWAYS have music playing – even if no one else is in the room where it happens.

Those are the simple, happy things that happened over the last couple of weeks. Up next – the bigger, more complicated stuff.

“Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now…” (Thanks, Lin Manuel.)


12 thoughts on “Back from the Shenanigans

  1. Congratulations to your newest college graduate! I hope her additional interviews went well, and has at least one job offer that she can feel really enthusiastic about. Whoever hires her will be very fortunate to get someone with her skills, talent, and compassion.

    And that pseudo-appetizer is bizarrely funny. I would have been tempted to add a garnish – perhaps a yellow dandelion blossom rested atop the yeast. 🙂

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