Master of the minor victory. Thank you. 

No interesting Memorial Day plans around here.

But I’m having a quite lovely mundane day so far:

  • Listening to “Hamilton” while eating breakfast on our patio. Croissant and coffee, birds and chipmunks. Not bad.
  • Cleaning up the grapefruit juice I spilled all over the patio table because the humidity’s about 110% and my glass was dripping with condensation.
  • Changing the batteries in the water wiggler that lives in our bird bath, keeping evil mosquitos from laying eggs ten feet from our back door.
  • Pulling weeds from the cracks between the paving stones on the patio.
  • Watering all the hanging flower baskets.
  • Cutting off two low-hanging branches on the dear baby tree that was planted in our front easement a couple of years ago.
  • Stocking the Little Free Library with picture books – they’re always the first to go.

The earlier days of the holiday weekend were a little more interesting:

Found on Saturday in a new vintage shop in our historic downtown area. Can’t fault the owner for his/her descriptive powers on this item.

Seen in another downtown antique store this Saturday. This one’s noteworthy because I had this bizarre toy when I was little, and was inexplicably fascinated by it. Wind it up and the puppy goes sideways and down, then returns back up to say “squeak squeak squeak!” Weird.

Taken at the first of two arts houses we visited over the weekend. This one was at the Rio, again in our downtown area. We saw “Love and Friendship,” an adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Lady Susan.” Clever and funny – we definitely recommend it.

And at the second art house of the weekend, where we saw “The Man Who Knew Infinity.” Dev Patel was adorable, as always, in this compelling and true story of an Indian maths genius with no formal education who became a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge during World War I. His work is now used to describe the characteristics of black holes. See it if you can.

Enjoy your Monday holiday, everyone!


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