And it happens again.


We knew it was only a matter of time before another mass shooting took place somewhere in the United States. Today it was Orlando, and the largest death count to date.

One of my favorite blogs, Doorknobs That Lock , today said exactly what I feel about the typical politician’s response to more deaths by gun: “SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. THEY’RE NOT STOPPING THESE MASS KILLINGS.”

Sounds harsh, huh? Especially coming from a follower of Christ, or from a long-time church employee.

But it’s true. Those thoughts and prayers are too little, too late, and too much bullshit.

Because here’s a truth about prayer:

Prayer is not about changing God, or about God comforting others in the midst of tragedy. The point of prayer is to move our own damn selves into action. The point of prayer is for the Holy Spirit to help us do whatever it takes to create meaningful change that impacts lives.

Politicians who fear and/or owe the NRA too much to create the sort of meaningful gun reform that will keep people alive? Their prayers are hollow. Worthless.

I suggest a different approach: Dear God, give me the heart to love where there is only hate. Give me the courage to act in the face of indifference to suffering. Give me the wisdom and strength to use my voice to help force our government into action against the gun lovers and those who are beholden to them.






2 thoughts on “And it happens again.

  1. I really have nothing to add. These type of events puts me in a precarious mental position. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand but I want to take all the hate in the world away. I want food in every child’s belly….and on and on.


  2. Amen indeed! (And thanks for the shoutout; you’re way more eloquent than I am today.) We’re taught as good Christians to turn to prayer – but the Bible is pretty darn clear about faith without works. It’s past time for our country to start doing the work that goes with the prayers.


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