The stench of death…in our laundry room.

“There was a demon that lived in the air.”

That’s the first line of The Husband and The Boy’s favorite movie, “The Right Stuff.”

It was also the tag line for our laundry room for more than a month.

For weeks, the laundry room REEKED of mold and mildew. Clothes laid out to dry came upstairs too smelly to wear. We had to hold our breaths to run in and out to process dirty clothes.


The Husband searched carefully (no simple task for someone who is deathly allergic to both mold and mildew), but turned up nothing. He suspected the inner workings of the sump pump, or – horrid thought – a leak under the enormous and packed-to-the-brim storage cabinets in the back of the room.

The stench got so bad last weekend he steeled himself to rip out the cabinets. BUT…

…before he could get started, we had a 90-degree day. Simply had to turn on the air conditioning, for the first time in the season. And one flick of the thermostat switch filled the entire house with EVIL.

The culprit: a thoroughly mold-infested furnace & A/C filter. We’ve lived in this house 27 years and it had never happened before. But a new filter – and a day of leaving the laundry room door open to the great outdoors – was an instant fix.

Demon, begone!




5 thoughts on “The stench of death…in our laundry room.

  1. So glad your demon smell was so easy to banish! We have had plumbing issues as long as we have lived in our house and whenever I begin to get a whiff of *that* scent, my heart drops.

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