Simple pleasures.

It’s been a week of social (blaming Muslims rather than the NRA and corrupt politicians for our nation’s epidemic of mass gun violence) and political (this week the Kansas Republican legislators started running ads urging citizens to call the Supreme Court and protest its decision to force the government to fund schools adequately – can you say “constitutional crisis?”) chaos.

Here’s a clue for our GOP legislators: The Supreme Court is not intended to be answerable to the populace. That’s the legislature’s responsibility. Go back to civics class, ask the Wizard for a brain, and do your job.

My strategy this week has been to focus on small, happy things:

  • The robins who visit our birdbath, splashing with wild abandon AND sitting about with their beaks hanging open – some kind of cooling mechanism, I assume, but boy does it look goofy!
  • Our son’s pride in turning a left-for-dead, bare-bones 2006 Chevy Aveo into a beautifully running, clean-as-a whistle mode of transportation for his final year of college. A gift from his doting grandfather, at no cost except for the labor involved. (Followers of Mom Goes On will know that this car, with its air bags and 5-star safety rating, will keep this mama from suffering permanent nightmares – his 23-year-old Jeep has been permanently retired).
  • The News that “Hamilton – An American Musical” will be AIRED ON “GREAT PERFORMANCES” ON PBS ON OCTOBER 17!!!!!  Nothing else could have finally convinced me it’s time to replace our 15-year-old tube television.
  • The gorgeous hanging portulaca we bought at the farmer’s market last week, which is thriving in the daily near-100-degree heat… though the petunias are total goners.


  • The fact that in four days, Middle and I will be flying to Baltimore for a girls’ trip, spending a few days with her older sister.

And now, time to start the day, and look for more simple pleasures to distract me from the insanity of the larger world.


4 thoughts on “Simple pleasures.

  1. Thanks. All this is maddening for any right-thinking person, but it really hits home at our house, with our daughter having just secured her first teaching job…but wondering whether her school will be able to open in August.


  2. I just went and looked up the school funding case because I was unaware of it. Geez, I’m sorry. Alternate universe realities colliding again. Cut taxes, small government, isn’t this great followed quickly by oh, shit, how do we pay for all this stuff we’re required to fund. It never ceases to amaze me how people expect to pay for everything without paying or raising taxes, let alone cutting them. Know that I’m sending liberal thoughts to get you through the next round ;-).


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