Civil disobedience in the U.S. Capital

“This is not a moment; it’s a movement.”
“Between all the bleedin’ and fightin’ I’ve been readin’ and writin’.”
(Thanks,Lin Manuel Miranda, for always having the words.)

Those of us are not beholden to the gun industry and/or NRA, those of us who have not been brainwashed to believe guns for all are a right, those of us who have not fallen for the fear-mongering that says we need guns to keep us “safe,” we must rise up.

My daughters and  I will be in our nation’s capital this weekend. As one side of our country’s leaders finally demonstrate the will to force change, I am prouder of the U.S. than I’ve ever been. The fact that this movement is led by the courageous John Lewis, hero of the civil rights movement, gives special poignance to the current sit-in; our black citizens have been too heavily represented in the death count due to instant access to guns in our nation.

Keep on sitting.


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