Let’s not tell lies on Independence Day.

This screed, or something similar, appears in the Kansas City Star (and, I suspect, many other newspapers around the nation) every year on July 4. Paid for by Hobby Lobby (the company that won a Supreme Court decision by not understanding the difference between pregnancy prevention and pregnancy termination), it is chock-full of either feigned or genuinely  ignorant crap about the history of the U.S.

As an amateur Revolutionary historian and frequent visitor to both Philadelphia and Washington D.C. historic sites, I’ll indulge myself in just a few comments:

  1. Ben Franklin, quoted at the top of the page, would most certainly publicly flay alive the writers of this document for misusing his words. If you know anything at all about the man, it’s patently obvious that he only invoked the name of God in his arguments for independence in order to sway those who would not be swayed by reason.
  2. “In God We Trust” is a slogan that was slapped on our currency and every other possible venue in the 1950’s by rich white guys, motivated by greed and lust for political power. Few in the 1950’s were using wax seals, though the obvious intent here is to imply that “In God We Trust” was a slogan of the “founding fathers.”
  3. The whining about the Supreme Court deciding against “Voluntary prayer” in schools is an out-and-out lie that’s been accepted by the right wing. In truth, the Court decided against corporate, mandatory prayer as a violation of the first amendment. Any student, anywhere, at any time has the right to engage in voluntary, individual prayer in school.

Don’t be taken in by uneducated zealots. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Let’s not tell lies on Independence Day.

    • Hahaha, thanks!
      You can point point out, too, that neither I nor anyone I know shoots black people. We are a damaged and broken nation. I both hope and fear that another revolution is coming.

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