The Revolution’s Imminent. 

I haven’t been posting much recently.

Things get in the way – life, travel, work, a stupid head cold that leads to vertigo (Tip: If anyone ever asks you whether you’d like extra fluid placed in your ear tubes, so that your head spins like you’re on a daredevil carnival ride and your stomach turns inside out with nausea, your answer should be unequivocally “no.”)

And then life keeps happening and you can no longer NOT post.

credit: Mary Engelbreit

I suspect the second half of the “2010’s” will one day be compared to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Social unrest, police violence against our Black brothers and sisters, protest, anger, landmark Supreme Court decisions…we have it all, baby.

And now we even have targeted killings of police officers.

Can I condone the deliberate shooting of police? Of course not. Not only is the Dallas shooting barbaric, it sets back the wholly legitimate “Black Lives Matter” cause immeasurably.

Can I understand the anger and pain that led to the Dallas shooting? Absolutely. Centuries of being forced to live as second-class citizens (or not citizens at all), through both legal and societal discrimination, will be forced to come out somewhere.  White people, who hold all the cards, continue to ignore and perpetuate institutional subjugation. It’s a recipe for disaster.

In general, Facebook memes just piss me off. But one I saw last night really spoke to me: “If you think discrimination against our black brothers and sisters isn’t real, you’re white.”


Change must come. Whether it’s peaceful and loving change or deadly and violent change? That’s up to us.

I choose to stand on the side of peace and love.


2 thoughts on “The Revolution’s Imminent. 

  1. It’s another detail which leads straight back to my alternate realities colliding theory, which frighteningly, as fantastical as it seems, makes more sense than reality. The very notion that there are white folks out there who think racism isn’t present? Are they high? Really?? Or those who continually perpetuate the All Lives Matter bullshit, which basically is just another way of saying ‘fuck you’ to black lives–who, by virtue of having even that taken from them are denied a peaceable way to protest systematic racism? I’m so mad right now. And that’s not even getting into to whole NRA clusterfuck ‘arm yourself and be ready for a revolution.’ This is the freaking revolution, folks. What did you expect? Sorry for the rant (and the foul language) but honestly, I am torn between ranting and raving and just giving up completely.


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