It was an awesome morning at our local farmer’s market! Today’s haul:

  • A “new” chair for our dining room table. One more step in my march toward all mis-matched chairs. Right now we have this beauty, two of the original chairs, updated with black paint, a red one that was a great vintage store find several years ago, and a white one appropriated from Middle Sister’s bedroom (her idea).
  • A loaf of San Francisco sourdough from the bread tent where The Boy has worked for several years, and where every member of the family has worked at one time or another. This loaf accidentally hit the dirt and therefore was ineligible for sale today. If I didn’t have complete confidence in our son’s ethics, I’d suspect a conspiracy.
  • Two cheerful pots of impatiens for the front porch. Our current decorative planters are on their last legs due to the recent heat wave. In a funny move of desperation, one of those old planters sprouted a new purple petunia while we were at the market. Ok, I’ll give that one another chance.
  • A painted iron vent grate. Quirky, fun, and pointless. And it looks awesome against the red wall in the living room. A note to my friend April at Mom of Three is Nuts: I asked myself the important question: “Will I be sad if I DON’T take this item home?” My answer was no until I walked away from it, and then I realized the answer was a definite “Yes.”

Banner day!


4 thoughts on “Score!!

  1. I understood the chairs because I like that eclectic look, and the flowers are beautiful but I was wondering what you were going to do with that grate. Art…it doesn’t count if you could walk away from it, if you think you want it, you must have it.

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  2. I can just imagine April asking that question too. lol
    If you’ve ever read the Kon-Marie method of decluttering, she says to ask yourself the question “Does this bring me joy?” of each item in your home. If it doesn’t then it needs to go. I did that with my wardrobe and ended up tossing 3 bags of clothes lol
    Great finds you’ve got there. Love the chair.

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