Wee, wee, wee part 2.

How to get rid of the wankers who returned for a second straight Saturday night of peeing under your bedroom window:

Catch them in mid-stream and shout from said bedroom window, “This has got to stop. I know they have actual toilets inside their house next door and it’s time you grow up and learn how to use them.”

Within five minutes they’d gotten in their cars and left. 



5 thoughts on “Wee, wee, wee part 2.

    • I’ve gotten mixed reactions when I’ve told friends about this incident. It splits pretty evenly between males and females. Women cheer me on and agree that public pissing is totally unacceptable. Males seem to cringe at the thought of getting caught out and point out that the ability to pee anywhere is a huge deal for guys. Geez.

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