Time to resurrect the “State of Ignorance” award. 

Haven’t brought out this not-particularly-coveted prize for over a year, but it’s definitely time.

Today’s State of Ignorance Award goes to…

My neighboring state of MISSOURI!


Missouri wins the prize as of Wednesday, when its barbaric state legislators overrode their governor’s veto of a bill they had carefully crafted with the help of the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers.

And now…wait for it…it’s 100% legal for any yahoo to carry a gun in public WITH NO PERMIT AND WITH NO TRAINING!

Think about that for just a moment. No permit means any convicted felon can take a gun anywhere in the state. No permit means domestic abusers can murder their wives with even more ease. It means any deluded fool who pictures him/herself as a “good guy with a gun” can walk the streets armed with a killing weapon, simply by walking up to a seller and handing over money.

Just for the record, as a resident of the KC metro area I have the joy of living on the state line between Kansas and Missouri, and therefore get to reap the benefits of DOUBLE THE IDIOCY! Who hoo! Just last night I was on the Missouri side for choir rehearsal. We go back and forth on a daily basis around here.

Contributing to the decision on today’s award: I had the misfortune of accidentally seeing a few minutes of live television yesterday, and was treated to a campaign ad for a Missouri candidate who deftly assembled an automatic rifle throughout  the ad. Oh my goodness, my little heart was just palpitatin’ over his display of cojones!

This is the state we’ve been reduced to in our nation.

The state of ignorance.


12 thoughts on “Time to resurrect the “State of Ignorance” award. 

  1. The gun fetish, and really, you can no longer call it anything else, in the U.S. will someday be studied by psychologists and anthropologists and psychiatrists as one of the downfalls of a great nation, much like an meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. Instead of trying to cut down on gun deaths and accidents, they’re basically just saying, in the face of what their constituents want, fuck you.

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    • Interestingly, that’s exactly the same thought I’ve been musing on in the last week. I’m determined to do what I can to work for change, but in my gut I think it’s completely hopeless. The insanity has gone to far, and I don’t see how we turn back…short of one nation for gun freaks and one nation for the rest of us.


  2. Everyone who carries a firearm should be well trained in how to operate it safely. So the fact that they no longer require training (which was part of the conceal carry permit), is truly a shame. The good news though, is that as the law states: “Background checks for buying weapons still apply as required.” Therefore, you still must have a clean record and no mental health history in order to purchase a firearm. I know from experience that the background check and actual purchasing process for a firearm is quite in depth. But although that works great for people who purchase guns legally, it does nothing for those people (criminals mainly) who buy guns off the black market.

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    • I appreciate your clarifying the law, though it doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I have to disagree, though, that the background check and purchasing process works great. In “One Gun,” Erik Larson’s book that is used in law school classrooms, he outlines the ways in which gun manufacturers and sellers have consistently found ways to skirt the background check process. Besides, bottom line, the background check battle cry is a impotent tool against gun violence. It’s merely a way to distract us from the real problem, which is that there are more and more guns everywhere all the time. I will never be shaken from my firm belief that there is no one, anywhere, who needs to have a gun in their home or on their person when in public.


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