The Candidate Who Must Not Be Named? His powers are fading.


According to the American Psychological Association, more than 50% of Americans, both Democrat and Republican, are currently experiencing significant stress due to politics.

I hope they didn’t spend too many bucks on that study. Because DUH.

In my last post I described my revulsion due to the “grab them by the pussy” tape, the most recent debate, and the women who made it into the news immediately afterward because they continue to defend the Candidate-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Not only are these women betraying their gender – their mothers, sisters, and daughters – but they’re betraying humanity, decency, and civility.

And then…things got a little better. From my perspective, at least.

  1. The CWMNBN is now “unshackled” and is more likely than ever to play out in real life my dream of seeing him collapse onto a podium, foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.
  2. Many women have come forward to describe his unwanted advances and assaults over the years. Don’t think it’s legitimate that they’ve waited all this time to come forward? Then you’ve never experienced life as a woman who’s been intimidated – nay, frightened – by a powerful and vindictive man.
  3. I received some awesome news about a joint promotion a colleague and I have been leveraging since May. It’s all but guaranteed to happen. We’re simply waiting for what should be a rubber-stamp vote on the accompanying budget increase. Score one for a woman fighting for herself and her capabilities.
  4. And most importantly…as I sat at my desk on Monday, heartsick after reading an essay by a two-time assault survivor whose father refused to acknowledge the sickness and unfit-ness for office of the CWMNBM…our Boy sent me a copy of an email he’d felt compelled to write to the department head at his university, with whom he works closely in this, his final year of studies.

The backstory is that our son had witnessed the professor putting his hands on another choral conducting student to correct her posture and stance (not in a sexual way at all), doing so without warning. Excerpts from The Boy’s email:

“Unfortunately we work every day with survivors of abuse and similar trauma…unexpected touching – no matter how benign – can be seriously upsetting and can significantly hurt the students’ trust and comfort in the classroom environment…”May I touch your arm” or “May I put a finger on the back of your neck” can make a world of difference to someone who has, for instance, lived through sexual abuse by giving him or her that power over his or her own body.”

I burst into tears at my desk as I read his words.

Our Boy has always been a deep thinker, a champion for the oppressed, full of empathy and ready to act on it. This evidence that we’ve raised a young man who is the absolute antithesis of the CWMNBM filled me with joy and gratitude. I immediately picked up my phone to call and tell him what a difference he’d made to my emotional state, and how incredibly proud I am of him.

A win for the side of goodness and light.


6 thoughts on “The Candidate Who Must Not Be Named? His powers are fading.

  1. Love the Voldemort comparison.

    And it’s not just Americans getting stressed about the election — one of my overseas colleagues mentioned today that she had a stress dream last night that Trump won. I guess Voldemort scared the whole planet, too.

    Major kudos to your son for very thoughtfully pointing out to the professor the unintended ramifications of his actions. I bet it will have even more positive effect coming from a neutral third party, than if an abuse survivor had raised the issue. Am I remembering right, that your son’s career goal is to teach music? If so, it’s even more wonderful that he’s already got an awareness of this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes – good memory. He’ll graduate with a music ed degree in May, and I predict that principles will be competing for him (of course, I’m a bit biased).

      I’ve noticed that world-wide concern about the CWMNBN, as well, both in my blog feeds and in the international newspapers I check in on online. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that if he were elected it would lead to a worldwide crisis.


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