Escapism through decorating.

It’s a strange fact of my adult life that many of my decorating “fits” coincide with the bi-annual Large Item Pickup sponsored by our city.

Ever since we received the notice in August that October 15th would be the date of this year’s pickup, the plans have been churning in my head.

Good-bye to the 12-year-old sleeper sofa that had faded from striking red to an ugly pinkish hue.

After a Friday afternoon at Ikea with The Husband – without any arguing or snark! – we returned with boxes of new furniture.

Note: A box full of couch is not particularly comfortable seating.

The Boy came home for Fall break and assisted in building and spray painting to my specifications.

It took four cans of black Krylon, some sanding, and one can of clear matte, and the end result on the coffee table is perfect. The Boy is a master spray painter.

The final result: One weekend of much-needed distraction from political ugliness, and one satisfyingly updated living room.



11 thoughts on “Escapism through decorating.

  1. Looks very cozy and inviting. I wish our community had a huge item haul away. We have a couch with recliners on each end. It is very heavy and I desperately want to get rid of it but those with the muscles in our family aren’t volunteering to haul it away. I would give it to anyone who wants to haul it.

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  2. Love the spiffed-up look — very crisp and beautifully coordinated! And how nice to get it all done so efficiently with all your various household helpers. Your son must indeed be a whiz at spray paint to dare do it inside the garage (as opposed to, say, outside and at least 30 feet away from anything you don’t want painted.) And the finished product looks like a professional/factory paint job.

    I’m escaping from elections by doing some living room spiff-up too, but just by making new throw pillows and a quilt for the couch. Picking out fabric is so much more restful than listening to the news…

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    • Agreed! We’re continuing the escapism this weekend – I’ve ordered a new armoir for the living room so we can consolidate the two large cabinets we have in there and make more room for seating. Since we’re planning to do our early voting this Saturday, that project will be a much-needed reward.


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