A big day.

A little something I found on Pantsuit Nation that has given me indescribable joy today:


This totally cracks me up. I could easily do nothing but sit and watch it all day long today.

When I was little, I spent countless hours whining and hiding under tables and racks at the fabric store, while my mom perused the enormous pattern books. At 5′ even, she made most of her own clothes because she couldn’t find work clothes that fit her, and this is exactly the type of pantsuit I remember her sewing. I know Simplicity patterns were her favorite.

I’m extremely thankful that I have never had a job that required me to wear the Pantsuit. Definitely a fashion “don’t” in my book.

So I didn’t have a pantsuit to wear for this momentous day. But I am wearing white to honor the suffragettes who worked so hard and risked so much to bring justice and equality to women.

And for the first time, I’m wearing my grandmother’s pearls. She died more than ten years ago, and I’ve kept this necklace tucked away since then. Today seemed like the perfect time to bring them out. They remind me of a woman I loved dearly, who introduced me to Jane Austen, who taught me to do beautifully executed needlework. She was a woman who, I believe, never found her voice in the face of a difficult, if not abusive marriage.

For all the women throughout history who needed a voice but never found one: today is for you.




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