Creating order out of chaos.

I’ve always jeered at blog posts that begin “Sorry I haven’t posted for so long…”  Unless you’re a celebrity blogger, I can’t imagine that anybody really cares that much.

And yet I feel compelled to explain the reasons why I’m just coming off the longest blog hiatus I’ve had in my four years on WordPress. It has a lot to do with this:

It all began with the devastation and, quite honestly, depression I’ve been working through in the aftermath of November 8. In my mind, it’s not a matter of histrionics to call that humanitarian disaster by its date, just as we do September 11.  So much has been written about this travesty I won’t go into it again (just now) but suffice it to say I feel sharply the fact that we are now living in a very different and very ugly world. I will admit, though, that since that infamous day my house has been remarkably clean and tidy – it’s the one place I have control over, and I’ve been compulsive about keeping it nice. Order out of chaos.

Then came an insanely hectic schedule. For this introvert, the string of major events I attended and participated in, in a very short span of a week, did me in for a long time.

A Friday night benefit choir performance at the world-renowned Kaufman center.

The next night, at “Marriage of Figaro,” Middle’s birthday present, also at the Kaufman Center. Which came after a three-hour rehearsal that morning for the next concert, taking place the following day…

An All-Saints Day performance of Faure’s Requiem

And four days later, a six-hour round trip to adore The Boy in his senior recital.

And then there was a noisy and raucous, but very happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Only two of these people were not staying in our tiny home for the long weekend.

Lots of fun and many memories created.

But hovering in the background of all the above was the most stressful period of time I’ve ever experienced in 12 years at my current workplace. And that’s saying a lot, considering that seven years ago a cow0rker I’d despised since day one was finally fired for refusal to do any work at all and, several months later, was charged (and eventually sent to jail) with taking sexual liberties with a minor.

Turns out that extreme building renovation in the workplace can bring out either the best or the worst of people. And it turns out that when it’s bringing out the worst, it’s a RIGHT PAIN IN THE ARSE to get your boss to follow through on his word, communicate with you, or support you and your co-worker in a time of transition to a promotion and a new job share.

So, yeah. Stress.

And now, here it is Christmas. It says a lot about my current state that the season that gives most people over-the-top stress feels anticlimactic for me this year.

It’s nice to be back on WordPress and reading the thoughts of people I care about all over the world.

Thanks for still being there.

2 thoughts on “Creating order out of chaos.

  1. Yeah, I lost a good week, and wasn’t myself for quite a while after Nov. 8. I have the dreaded Work Christmas Party this coming weekend, which I will dread, and which I know from experience I will completely despise. Already formulating an excuse for an early exit thanks night…


  2. My husband received a promotion right before the election. I was in so much of a fog of denial that the celebration of his accomplishment was diminished. I lost weeks and now I can’t wait to dig my heels in and make my voice heard. Sounds like you have been very busy. I was thinking about all the times during the holidays I had to dress up, place a smile on my face, and bear the noise and chaos….craving to get back home. You look good!


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