FML part II – Now with even more llamas!

Seriously, if I had a llama I’d be fluffing the hell out of that thing.

Besides recently being slapped in the face with some of the worst employment/management practices in the history of the paycheck, the following fuckfests have all taken place within the last week:

  • The Husband tripped over his laptop power cord, sending the device flying and permanently knocking out its screen.
  • The iPad I use for half of my work time at home suddenly decided the internet service at our house is not its friend. Operates just fine at work (not quite helpful), pouts and refuses to connect at home.
  • My home laptop, on which I have set up remote access to my office work station for the other half of my work time at home, finally gave up the ghost after having been dropped down the uncarpeted stairs a few weeks ago. Our delightful and adorable Middle was doing me a favor and bringing it to me in the basement when I heard “CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, SPLAT.” A solid smack on three different steps and a final bang on the landing. Bye-bye, laptop.

No dice – nothing mechanical loose in there. One bright spot: We managed to keep the poor thing going just long enough to back up all recent docs.

  • Seemingly a small thing:

No, those aren’t rabbit turds or some kind of insect infestation. This is a photo of what happens when a newly-filled pepper grinder drops its peppercorns like a bombardier on a mission. I can’t begin to describe the staccato sound of peppercorns raining down on tile, and rolling to the furthest nooks and crannies of the ground level of the house. This happened in the midst of attempting to resurrect the gasping laptop. Damn near the straw that broke this camels back…except that my darling Boy immediately grabbed a broom, told me to go sit down and take a break, and quickly swept up the mess. Well, all except for the stray peppercorns we’ll be finding for the next week or more.

And in the Great Peppercorn Incident we have the seeds of redemption for this episode of FML: Our Son, who at one point in his teenage career seemed destined by all appearances to become a horrid demon of a human being – a most unpromising youth –  has grown up into a thoughtful, caring, and very mature young man.

Silver linings.

And now, as promised, here are some llamas. Enjoy.



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