Marital bliss

It’ss 11 degrees here today, with snow. My creed for the day is “Do not leave the house for any purpose.”

But I did get up and do just a few items around the house before noon. On a Saturday.

  • Baked scones.
  • Cleaned the kitchen.
  • Cleaned the bathroom.
  • Payed bills.
  • Did two loads of laundry, including one consisting only of The Husband’s work clothes.
  • Put away the groceries I’d ordered for delivery.
  • Cleaned the kitchen a second time, after everyone ate breakfast.

The Husband got out of bed at 11:30. While he was eating his breakfast, I was doing that second kitchen clean. I asked him if he wanted the last scone. And he asked, as I scurried around doing dishes and cleaning counters AFTER having done the above task list all morning, if I would heat up the scone for him.

I am not particularly ashamed to say I didn’t take the request well. 

Married life. You gotta love it. I guess.


11 thoughts on “Marital bliss

  1. My big sigh is reserved for the vampire in the basement. Every time I really shine up the kitchen he brings up a pile of dishes “to soak” in the sink. Which is exactly what they need to get the dried on food off.

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