The worst possible deja vu.

On another Tuesday night, sixty-six days ago, almost to the minute, the world as I’d always known it came crashing down.

The Husband, our Middle, and I sat in front of the televion watching election returns. Hearts sinking. Minds numb. In true physical shock at what our fellow citizens had just done. Weeping and wailing uncontrollably.

The intial shock has reached stasis in the ensuing 66 days, to be replaced by a deep and haunting depression over the state of our beloved nation. 

Tonight we sat down together again, in the same room, on the same sofa, and watched the best president of my lifetime say his farewells. A man of honor, dignity, wisdom, and class. Moving aside peacefully, as our democracy requires, to hand over our nation to the person who was elected to take his place. 

I am sickened by the thought of what lies ahead. 


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