Reichenbach Fall.

I think…maybe…hopefully…I turned a corner yesterday. 

Through the power of blogging and the power of supportive friends and family, I believe I’ve found the resolve to begin to change my career circumstances. It’s the first time I’ve felt hopeful for a long time. Nervous because I am SOOOOO not a risk-taker. But still hopeful. I actually put out some feelers already yesterday.

On the other hand, this is the last week.

The final few days of President Obama’s term. The end of pride in our nation. I’ve been holding my breath, trying to will some miraculous event to stave off the evil that looms large at the end of this week. 

It’s worse than a nightmare, because there’s no waking up. It’s worse than dystopian fiction because it doesn’t end when you turn the last page. In a few days our entire government will be in the power of cruel, greedy, power-hungry, Ayn Rand devotees. Rights for the poor, minorities, women, immigrants, and anyone who’s NOT a powerful, privileged, white male will disappear one by one.

I’ve stood in this spot a couple of times when visiting the Lincoln Memorial. It gives me chills to remember it.

But, like many, I’m doing what I can to make a stand against the coming tyrrany:

  • Celebrating MLK day with Middle, who has the day off from teaching, by going to see “Hidden Figures.” It’s the film about the long-ignored team of black female scientists and mathematicians who heavily influenced the space race.
  • Making plans to donate to a few meaningful causes on Friday – the two I’ve picked so far are the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Preparing for the Women’s March taking place in our state capital on Saturday. I’ll be attending with my mother and Middle, while Oldest will be marching in DC. Our sweatshirts and buttons will arrive in the mail in a few days, and we’ll be picking up a big load of sanitary supplies to donate on March day, for the drive sponsored by the local organizers.
  • I’ve signed up to make phone calls for Every Town for Gun Safety. It’s funny, that. One of my introvert tendencies is that I despise talking on the phone. But I discovered during our local elections last year that I totally rock at making calls for causes I’m passionate about. 

This week it feels like we’re all about to take the Reichenbach Fall. (Yes, I’m a huge “Sherlock” fan. Did you see last night’s episode?!)

Let’s hold hands and take the jump together. And then turn up quite alive and well, thank you, just like our friend Mr. Holmes.


One thought on “Reichenbach Fall.

  1. Congratulations on making those first tentative steps toward looking for a new position! That’s really awesome, and I’m glad you’re finding one thing to feel hopeful about, in the midst of everything else. I know it feels nervous and scary to put yourself out there job-hunting, but you’re a good person who does good work, and there has got to be a position out there where your skills will be valued, without all the dysfunction in your current working environment. I’m glad my comment helped nudge you along, and glad you’ve got supportive family and friends nudging you along too.

    And as you contemplate shifting to slightly different types of work, I will throw in one reminder, that I’m pretty sure you already know. Women tend to apply for a job only if they have all the requested credentials. Men tend to apply even if they just have some of them. And yet clearly men get hired about as often as women do. (Heck, someone started a job yesterday, without having any relevant experience or qualifications….grrrr……) So if you see a great opportunity, go for it! Even if your meandering career path hasn’t quite covered every single inch an employer thinks they’d like, you’ve covered plenty of other valuable ground along the way.


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