Shame on you!

Now this? This is something to be proud of. Photo taken in 1917.

As if we didn’t have enough evidence that the world has gone completely mad, the big news is that…

The national organization of Girl Scouts of America is sponsoring the participation of Scouts in the inaugural parade on Friday.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

The organization that has long promised that its goal is to “Help Girls Grow Strong” is encouraging girls to participate in an event for a person who has repeatedly, over time, denigrated women. A person who has been captured ON VIDEO bragging about committing sexual assault. A person who is known to deliberately walk in on half-dressed teens in dressing rooms for his beauty pageants (vile concept, in itself).

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a long and extremely negative history with GSA. I’ve had very little respect for the organization for the last 20 years. But one thing I did always believe is that they believe in helping girls to become strong and assertive.

No more. I won’t even give them that much.

The official story of the GSA is as follows:

I call bullshit.

“Peaceful transition of power” is a phrase that’s getting bandied about quite a bit lately. And it’s absolutely a vital concept for democracy. But here’s what peaceful transition looks like: A sitting president cooperating fully with his successor, even when they have absolutely nothing in common. A political rival gracefully conceding defeat. Congress members who don’t create a pact on day one NEVER to cooperate with the incoming president. Peaceful protests, rather than riots.

You know what is NOT a part of peaceful transition? A celebratory parade. Especially a parade celebrating a person who is, objectively, completely devoid of morals.

And there are many ways young women can practice civic engagement and serving their country, without showing public support for someone who would gladly grab their pu%*ies.

Shame on you, Girl Scouts.


4 thoughts on “Shame on you!

  1. That’s really awful. And I wonder what it will do to future Girl Scout enrollment (especially in that area), to publicly compromise their core message so badly. You really can’t claim to be an organization teaching girls to stand strong, and then celebrate a misogynist coming to power.

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    • It’s the same dilemma I have with people who voted for that person. How can they possibly defend a vote for someone who is so demonstrably racist, sexist, classist, every “ist” there is? There is no defense. Just as there is no defense for having girls march in the parade. Don’t the leaders realize that if he actually saw those girls he’d be thinking disgusting thoughts about them, and probably saying them out loud to whatever testosterone-overdosed cretin was standing next to him at the time? It boggles the mind.


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