Testing, testing. 1-2-3


music-sound-communication-audio.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve visited the blogging world. A long while. Like almost a year.

The blog life has been tapping on my shoulder for a couple of months now. A little whisper in my ear: “Hey, remember me, the blog you used to post on Every. Single. Day.? Remember all the friends you left behind? What about us?”

And today, on a whim, I listened. I clicked the little WordPress icon on my favorites bar. And discovered sparkling gems of writing from some of my favorite blog friends. (Hi, April! I’m back…I think!)

As much as I would love to spend hours and hours reading through the last year of posts from all those friends, I know I’ll never have time. I’ll try to catch up a little, and I’ll hope to renew some relationships.

Life looks a little different these days – the passage of time and the complete deterioration of our democracy has created a few more grey hairs; more wrinkles; more bruises; a lot of sleepless nights.

There’s so much to share and so much to hear.

Can’t wait.



7 thoughts on “Testing, testing. 1-2-3

    • Thanks! I’d be surprised if I could keep up with the posting schedule I used to have, but I do want to maintain a presence. There’s some real feeding of the soul in the writing, the reading of others’ thoughts, and the support from blogging friends. I’m excited to be back!


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