Catching up



So…how do you catch up on a year’s worth of life?

Maybe you don’t. But since jumping back into the old blog last night, I’ve been contemplating the question. Final decision: Just do it. (Thank you to whatever advertising genius came up with that line.)

And maybe I’ll just do a little catching up with each post. First detail: I’ve changed jobs/careers, and am now working at a place where I’m forced (really, that’s not too strong a word for it) to take an hour for lunch every day. Since it takes me about 15 minutes to eat, guess what I now have time to do between noon and one?

So, for friends who remember me, let’s pretend we’re sitting down over a cup of coffee and get started gabbing. Here’s the scoop: After working for 13 years for a large, affluent, white church in the suburbs, last August I took a job with a church-affiliated social service agency in the urban core of Kansas City. Not only had I had it up to HERE (picture the height of last year’s solar eclipse) with serving the white and privileged, but the leadership in our congregation had gotten so god-awful I simply couldn’t take it any more. My self-confidence had been so shattered by having every my idea shot down by the “man in charge” that I was almost surprised when the new place snapped me up within a week of my sending my resume.

And now, here I am downtown every day, Volunteer Coordinator for an organization that serves marginalized populations. Most of my work is a step removed from the actual service, but I contribute heavily to keeping the machine working. And just often enough I do get to personally serve the folks we exist here to serve. I’m learning new skills, too – have been trying my hand at grant writing, and have brought in over $50,000 to the organization in the 5 1/2 months I’ve been here.

It’s not perfect. I knew going into this new job that it was a risk. Lower pay, long commute, tons of weekend overtime, no flex time, and a new “man in charge” who’s just as bad at leadership as the old one. I’d worked with the organization enough in my old position that I knew what I was walking into. But there are many, many pluses. More about that down the line.

There. Post written, and fifteen minutes left of enforced lunch time – enough time to read a few friends’ writings.

It’s good to be back.


9 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Great to see you back blogging again, and even better to see you’re now in a new job! Congratulations on finding a place where all your hard efforts can make a really meaningful impact, and where the overall environment isn’t toxic or miserable. Sounds like a much better fit, and a really great change. Good for you!

    Looking forward to hearing other updates from the past year – I’m guessing you had some graduations and new jobs among the kids too?

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  2. Great post! Life,gets to us at times. I haven’t been blogging much lately either. I’ve just not been into it or its “writers block” as they say. I wish I could discipline myself to be more consistent. And have ideas, etc etc to write about! Great blog and wishing you the best at your new job! Its great your doing something to help others!

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