5 thoughts on “Sunday morning coming down.*

  1. I have known my husband for over 30-some years. He knows how I feel about religion and that I don’t doubt that there is a God. However, I don’t have to sit in a church to prove it. I get my inspiration from being outside….the land that God made. I would much rather pray in the beauty He created than a building.

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    • Oh, the point of my reply……he has been pestering me to go to church. He goes when we are visiting Missouri, I stay home. He wants me to go, I refuse. Maybe some day we will get back to accepting that we see things differently and worship differently.

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      • I’m kind of in the same boat. My husband grew up going to church, and I didn’t. Now that we’ve left the congregation I worked for for so long, he asks ever other week or so, “Are we going to church this Sunday?” My answer is consistently “Dear God, no. Why would I want to do that?” Our daughter has found a church home she’s really happy with – it’s ultra progressive and has a married, lesbian pastor. I’m happy for her, but I still don’t feel the need for a weekly church experience. I think my husband should start going with her if he wants to go to church so badly.

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