Cold+Snow+Ice=Binge Watching.


It’s the first winter in quite a while that we’ve had seriously cold weather for any length of time here in the Midwest of the U.S. There are a lot of negatives to this type of winter; dead car batteries, icy sidewalks, the extra time and inconvenience of rounding up gloves, hats, and scarves and then trying to arrange them all properly so you don’t look like the abominable snowman.

But there’s one huge advantage to this arctic weather, especially for rabid introverts like me. It’s the perfect excuse to stay inside with a cup of tea, a blanket, a book, and some binge-watching.

Here’s what’s been on my screens in the last couple of months:

The Great British Bake-off  Multiple people had been urging me to watch, but it wasn’t until our oldest got hooked that I gave it a try. She had occasion to be home from the east coast for three separate visits in the space of a month, and with the younger sister we O.D’d on all four seasons that are available on Netflix. Mocking and disdaining Paul’s tool-y-ness. Enjoying Mary’s calm, coolness while abhorring every dessert challenge she sets the bakers. Seriously, those Genoise sponges and marangues are way too much work for a “treat” that appears, at the least, boring, and more likely quite nasty. Best of all, the camaraderie and kindness of the bakers. It’s pure escapism, something quite needed and healing in our current times.

Poldark   A few months ago I subscribed to our local PBS station and received a “Passport” membership, meaning we now have access to back episodes of many excellent series. You. Must. Do. This. Soooooo worth it. To be honest, we only tuned in to Poldark in order to salivate over Aiden Turner’s brooding and smoldering. For the first two series, that was almost all the show had going for it. Oddly, though, season 3 was immeasurably improved in writing and plotting. Still, eye candy is the main draw; not just Turner’s gorgeous eyes, but also the beauty of the windswept Cornish coast.

Turn  We’re only two episodes into the final season, and looking forward to seeing how the American Revolution turns out. This one is a masterpiece in every way; acting, writing, casting, music, and cinematography. I’m an early American history buff, and have read “Washington’s Spies,” from which the series is drawn. Oldest has a good friend who hales from Setawket, where much of the action of the spy ring took place, and she visited there last summer.

Once “Turn” is finished, we’ll be looking for our next binge – it looks like we’re in for plenty more winter. Suggestions welcome – what are you watching recently?



6 thoughts on “Cold+Snow+Ice=Binge Watching.

  1. You did it!! I’ve been needing a break and I’m leaving my desk to make some hot chocolate. It is nice to be ensconced in a cozy house with no necessity to go outside. It’s especially nice right now because I can make my chocolate and sit next to a sunny window.

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