Rushing the season just a bit.

The shine wore off of this summer long ago. Yeah, it’s still hot. Yeah, the cicadas’ chorus is deafening. But I’m ignoring all that and am recklessly and prematurely moving into the realm of planning this year’s Christmas gift projects. Much more warm and cozy than thinking about how much I miss our kids…

So. Project number one. Nothing earth-shaking, but it’s fun using gigantic needles (17) and knitting with two skeins of yarn put together into one ball.

Project number two has potential, but either the pattern designer has perspective issues or she drinks some big-ass cups of coffee. This cup holder was supposed to fit a small to medium-sized cup. Here’s what it looks like on a small to medium-sized cup:

Yes, there really is a cup under there.

I love using double-pointed needles, and the basic concept is sound…so on my next attempt I’ll cut down the number of stitches and do only four repeats of the pattern.

Anything to keep busy.


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