Priceless Perks

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love my job.

In so many ways, what I do for a living fits my skills, my personality, and my interests. I’ll certainly never get rich being the director of children’s ministry for a large ELCA Lutheran church, but there are plenty of other benefits:

-Flexibility – for the most part, I set my own hours, work from home or in my office, am able to take the time to deal with family commitments as needed.

-Comfort – many, many days (even sometimes on Sundays) my work outfit is jeans, athletic shoes, and a hoodie. Practical, comfortable, and inexpensive.

-Food – today for lunch I’m enjoying the leftovers of the confirmation banquet on Sunday. As it’s a Wednesday, when I need to be back to work in the evening to lead a class for kids, I’m taking home more leftovers to save time feeding the two at home.

Doing homework in my office on an impromptu "Take your daughter to work" day.

Doing homework in my office on an impromptu “Take your daughter to work” day.

-Family –  I celebrate “take your daughter/son to work” day regularly. Middle sister helps out with a great deal of teaching, and is my permanent artistic director. Older sister (when available) and The Boy (when coerced) spend days with me in the summer taking care of projects, hanging out, and going out to lunch with me. Heaven!

-Balance – for an introvert like me, my isolated office in and among my classrooms is the perfect working environment. At the same time, I have absolutely wonderful co-workers, and I love our three weekly staff meetings and our collaboration.  Then, too, I’m forced out of my hermit-y comfort zone at least twice a week on our biggest program days to mingle with hundreds of people at at time. I’m sure that’s a good thing.

-Satisfaction – I know what I do every day makes a difference in peoples’ lives.

Here’s hoping that whatever you do every day makes you happy, too. 🙂


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