Fun on Friday

Maybe it’s not everyone’s idea of fun, but today I attended an “Interdisciplinary Symposium” our younger daughter was presenting for at her university. I sat in on a panel of four students, each of whom read a reasearch paper they’ve been working on in their areas of study.

Interestingly, all four were young women, and three of the four had worked on topics relating to women. Our daughter was the “odd man out,” writing about Milton’s use of English in “Paradise Lost,” both as a means to promote British nationalism, and to promote the beauty of the English language itself.

Yeah, sounds pretty dry. But I found it fascinating. Of course, maybe I was biased by my intense pride.

But I was equally fascinated by the other three presenters and their topics. In fact, during the question-and-answer period, I had so many questions and comments I surprised myself. Maybe I need to get out more.

imageAnd the fun didn’t end there! Next I hit a local nursery for a couple of hanging plants and bedding flowers. It’s been “sitting on the porch” weather for a couple of days now, and a little extra beauty in our surroundings is always welcome.

Speaking of “sitting on the porch” weather, there was another addition to my Friday fun. With the coming of spring, the Little Free Library is getting more traffic again. This family stopped by as I was sitting on the front porch and mentioned that they often enjoy borrowing books from the special library. What a joy!


It’s a great start to the weekend.


16 thoughts on “Fun on Friday

  1. So did you ask questions of your daughter specifically, and was she comfortable coming up with the answers? I had a discussion with some coworkers recently, about “questions my spouse asked during my PhD thesis defense” and everyone agreed that the spouse who asked, “Why should anyone care about studying this topic?” should have kept his mouth shut. Presumably you weren’t confrontational with your daughter!

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    • Oooh, that’s mean! Actually, I felt kind of bad because I didn’t have any questions at all on my daughter’s topic. But the young woman who wrote about tensions regarding the role of women who came of age during the 80’s was truly riveting – she was talking about my life!


  2. Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. 😀 And my daughter has wanted one of those little libraries to come to our area for a long time now! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • It’s something I wish had been available when our kids were little. I would have loved to do this project with them when they were younger – they’re all book lovers.


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