In which I have become a lazy lie-about.

On Thursday I had a to-do list a mile long plus four meetings to squeeze in. But by the time I got to work that morning I could tell I was in the grips of some kind of virus. Made it throught the day – even managing to contribute to the conversation in the 4:00 meeting – but only just barely. By the time I got home it was all I could to to crawl onto the couch and wait for someone to bring me a cup of tea.

That’s pretty much how the whole weekend has gone. Sleeping until 8:00 (when my usual wake-up time is 5:30), a ton of Netflix, and a lot of just sitting around. Oh, and looking enviously out my front picture window at all the people in our neighborhood out enjoying the perfect autumn weather. Jerks.

Pretty much the only plus to this pitiful weekend: I’ve discovered a pattern for a crocheted headband/earwarmer that I just love. Apparently I possess just enough energy to make my fingers and wrists manipulate a crochet hook, because I’ve turned out two and a half of these puppies since Friday.

Looks like I’ve discovered this year’s Christmas present project. I guess some good came out of this virus.


4 thoughts on “In which I have become a lazy lie-about.

  1. You know how you can identify someone who has been taking care of others for so long that she’s forgotten how to take care of herself? She feels lazy for sleeping until 8 when she’s ill. šŸ˜€. The headband looks really great, but I hope you put down the crochet hook long enough to keep getting extra rest so you feel better soon.

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