This meme makes me scream.

A few people I know have posted this meme on Facebook. I hate it.

As a confirmed political junky and (apparently) a glutton for punishment, I watched last night’s GOP debate. It was the same (though slightly smaller) set of toddlers seeing who could scream the loudest. I excuse Governor Kasich from that assessment. I dislike his ideology intensely, but he is at least a serious, intelligent human being who stays above the embarrassing fray of the rest of the candidates.

It would have been pretty hard for me to choose the ugliest “I know you are, but what am I?” moment of the night, except that Ben Carson came finally emerged as the clear winner of the “worst line” contest.

His winning entry?

DOCTOR Ben Carson said these exact words:

“Health care is not a right.”

Yes, that’s right, friends. You heard it from the esteemed doctor himself. So he got the prize…but I’m sure everyone one of those extremely privileged yahoos on the stage agreed with him.

I decided it was time to get busy fixing that meme I hate so much, in answer to Dr. Carson’s statement.

Here you go:



9 thoughts on “This meme makes me scream.

    • Oh, that’s nice to hear. I’ve got a circle of friends here in sickening land of Kansas who are progressive and actually care about others. But most of the time I have to keep my mouth shut to avoid horrid arguments with people who have no concept of the word “empathy.”

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      • I feel your pain. Savannah is a pretty progressive southern city, but I’ve spent many years in places where I felt I had to hide my politics, which frankly, blows. The older I get the less I care. And yeah…I’m afraid we have a serious empathy deficit in our world today. I try to remain hopeful, but it’s frustrating for sure.


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