Politician train wreck.

You know you need help with your politics addiction when you deliberately tune in to the insane suck-fest that is the 2016 Republican convention.

I had a little bit of real life going on today – work, supper, dishes, packing lunches for tomorrow, so I missed several hours. Including a speech by Scott Baio. Yes, you read that right. Scott Baio. Otherwise known as Chachi from “Happy Days.”

Ooooh, “Also starring!”

Or…Bob Loblaw from “Arrested Devlopment.”

Oh, look! Bob Loblaw has come up with a new Trump campaign slogan!

Seriously, the fact that a 70’s heartthrob is a convention speaker, and actual politicians refuse to attend? Doesn’t that tell us a little something?

I’d compare the convention so far to a circus, but I’d hate to insult the clowns who wear makeup and funny clothes. These fools’ only argument is that Hllary Clinton is a liar and should be in jail. Sorry, folks, that’s Fox News bullshit. Try watching some real journalism for a few days and see what’s going on in the real world. I’d highly recommend PBS or NPR.

And speaking of…It’s especially fun watching PBS and NPR journalists working so hard to live up to their impeccable standards as they cover this sick train wreck of a convention.

Oh! Oh! Oh! This just in – now speaking is a soap opera actor/underwear model! With brown skin and an Italian accent, so he can share about how much immigrants love Trump!

Wow. Just wow.


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