And one more Christmas giggle…

I’m not a big fan of those inflatable decorations people put in their yards this time of year. For one thing, they seem to create an addiction in the owners. One inflatable is never enough. I see yard after yard where every single inch is covered with Santa on a motorcycle, Snoopy’s doghouse, the Grinch, skiing penguins, and whatever other gigantic nylon characters Costco had on offer in November. Seriously, have these people never heard the adage “Less is more?”

But the worst part is what these displays look like during the daylight hours. Apparently the air pumps for these monstrosities only work after dark, because this is what they al look like in the day time:

christmas carnage

Remember the movie “Babe?” Remember when the goose goes running all over the farmyard after he discovers his friend has been cooked for dinner, shouting, “Christmas means carnage! Christmas means carnage!”

That is what I think every time I pass one of these houses in the day time. I suppose I should thank these Christmas-inflatable addicts for a good giggle every day during the Christmas season.


10 thoughts on “And one more Christmas giggle…

  1. They don’t breed I promise you. We have one. That’s right – one! Santa sits at the edge of our garage and although he looks sad when he is deflated, he is kinda cute when he’s standing by the path all lit up at night. 🙂


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