Labor Day time warp.

I always think Monday-holiday weekends exist in some kind of universe of their own. Time gets a little weird. You have to keep reminding yourself that it really is a weekday. And then the following four-day workweek somehow manages to seem w-a-a-a-a-y-y-y longer than a normal week.

But the Labor Day/birthday holiday around here yesterday was good while it lasted.

Garage cleared out, swept, and organized, thanks to our boy. He loves to be helpful and enjoys the feeling of a job well done.

Ta-dah! Car in garage! Just in time, too. The maple sap from the trees hanging over our driveway is now at the point in the season that you can actually see it coming down like rain. I was having to wipe the stickiness off my hands every time I opened the door to get into the car.


Middle took some time to play with her new containers yesterday.

Then we had a houseful of friends of family for dinner and dessert, followed by a hilarious round of telephone pictionary (in which we discovered it can be easy to mistake a drawing of Franklin Roosevelt for Stephen Hawking smoking a very long cigarette).

And now, on to the mysteriously long four-day week.


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