Workplace humor.

I work full-time for a church. You might think that would be a pretty straight-laced, low-key environment. I suppose in a lot of churches that’s the case. Ours, not so much. We have a great time together, and some days our meetings get a little out of control.

Some comments I’ve recorded:

  • “Did you just call me a ‘ho?” (In response to the senior pastor’s depiction of our staff as the hoe that tends the garden of our congregation, part of an assignment to draw our organization and how it functions.)
  • “Shut up, Mr. Princess Car.” (Senior pastor to associate pastor. Associate was ribbing senior about his drawing, and senior was referring to the Hot Wheel car associate was carrying, which his three-year-old daughter had plastered with Disney Princess stickers).
  • “Whose stones are you referring to?” (In response to the church FB post this week advertising this week’s sermon’s scriptural basis: “Not one stone will be left upon another.”)
  • “It’s so cold in here I’m going to put on my bunny suit.” (Our associate does keep a giant bunny costume in his office, which he wore a few years ago in a great series of advertising videos we produced for Easter.)
  • During a staff bible study based on the story of the disciples hiding in a house after Jesus’ death and resurrection: “I don’t think they were really very good at hiding. I mean, they were all living in Fred Flintstone houses. All the Romans had to do was climb through one of those holes in the wall that served as windows.”

Probably we think we’re a lot funnier than we actually are.

But the crew I work with sure make it fun to go to work every day.


8 thoughts on “Workplace humor.

  1. Love the “Shut up, Mr. Princess Car”! And I’m now picturing Fred Flintstone and company hiding from the Romans.

    Just curious — are the coworkers in these meetings mostly men? In the groups I’ve worked in, there’s a shift in dynamic that seems to occur if a group is at least 75% male. The guys seem to lose some kind of “not in front of women” filter and become a lot more likely to say things that could be rude/offensive (like “shut up, Mr. Princess Car”) or just plain bizarre (had a coworker once mention that his son’s girlfriend “put out, so my son was happy”) but are really just them being blunt. And often, hysterically funny.

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    • Yes, you nailed it – I mostly work with men. Half of the meetings I sit in on are for program staff, which is usually me and five guys (we have another woman on program staff, but she tends to miss a lot of our meetings). It’s an interesting dynamic.


    • I think so, too. I often consider how appallled some of our oldsters in the congregation would be if they saw us carrying on the way we do on any given day. The ones who insist on calling the two pastors simply “Pastor.” Ours both hate that! 🙂

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  2. I know exactly what you mean. The statements we can up with among fellow church members and staff can be quite comical. Many people tend to think that church goers live a rather boring life, but that is so far from the truth. Glad you’re showing the humor here.

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